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April 1, 2019 0 By Maryanne Allen

What is Shield of Faith Missions

Being a warrior and a pilot, we certainly love to win. The time we have received a number of achievements in this world, we begin to question is the satisfaction we get from it would help us to live a kingdom of eternity. As time went on, we question ourselves if what does God consider as winning and being a person of faith, what does it really appears to be a real winner in the kingdom of God?

These days, the definition of a winner is independent and someone who have a strong personality who unyieldingly promote his or herself. Our lives are overwhelmed with celebrity opinions, Instagram photos, ads, and digital media feeds of power, perfection, decadence and wealth. On the other hand, the economy of God seemed to be so much differnet. Our Savior have it otherwise, the poor are the rich, the least are the greatest, the weak are the strong and the last are the first. One of His apostles have said that what is worth swanking about was his weakness because this is where the power of God would be revealed the most.

By permitting to build strong relationships, this type of mission group aid the warriors together with their families to bolster a sense of purpose and hope. This mission group or organization provides a holistic road to having a spiritual psychological and physical resiliency by way of a nationally systematized partnerships and an increasing number of locations they operate. This organization would want to create a dependable network that their warriors as well as those who support them could depend on.

About 20 people are die from suicide every single day. And this organization aims to fight this problem until the problem is eliminated. This organization was first founded in 2011 which aims to product a fissionable impact to change as well as transform the world. They are composed of people who are veterans, volunteers, health care professionals, missionaries, groups leaders, contractors, and everyday individuals who are very passionate in doing everything they can in order to create a positive change in this world.

Their goal is to offer support to the people who are having a hard time with their visible scars and even ones that cant be seen with the naked eyes during their battles and provide them the suitable tools that could equip them to overcome the negative effects of the combat.

The mission of this organization is very important and they necessitate more people to help them and even more organizations who have the same goals as them. And as His son or daughter, we are so much aware that we could make a huge difference in this world.

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