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April 1, 2019 0 By Maryanne Allen

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and How People are Treated

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is often utilized in patients with certain mental and medical conditions. CBT is often the best used and effective treatment used by psychologists and mental health professionals. Researchers have found CBT to be an effective in solving problems such as anxiety and depression.

In ancient Greece, Epictetus was one of the fundamental contributors to this theory. Epictetus, which was a progenitor of the modern CBT, had described the use of logos as a means to which we humans are able to identify and discard false beliefs that will lead to self-destructive emotions.

Albert Ellis devised the Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy which was the precursor to CBT. In the theory he devised, it is stated that external events do not cause emotions, however, they cause beliefs, which are sometimes, irrational. The problems occur when the actions or behaviors elicited by another person is falsely perceived by our own beliefs. As an example, if you were talking to a person that was paying attention at first but then suddenly had another conversation with a different person, you may start to believe him/her to be offensive, which makes you believe you’re conversation was not worthwhile. After, you may begin to feel frustrated and angry, you feel that you we’re unjustly humiliated and then you begin to quarrel with the person you were talking to. Cognitive behavioral therapy is used to challenge this by framing the scenario in a way that will make you see the perspective of that person. The reason may have been, in fact, that the person you were having conversation with was not bored with talking to you, and may have shifted his attention to another person because it may have been an urgent or personally important dialogue with them.

The beliefs we have are often the ones that causes more of the emotional problem than the external factors. These are often caused by the failures in our own expectations.

The use of cognitive behavioral therapy has been for the treatment of certain medical and psychological problems. Problems such as alcoholism, addiction and gambling have been treated with the use of cognitive behavioral therapy. A longer period may be required for more complex problems. There will eventually be improvement seen in the clients. The therapy may be ended at any time by the patient if he/she chooses to do so.

Mental health care centers can provide you with professionals who are effective at implementing cognitive behavioral therapy. Recent studies suggests, that there may be proof the emotional and cognitive links to behaviors. It has been suggested that our brains may have an older, primal operating system which bases itself on emotion and there may be a newer, cortico-cognitive system which may be the seat of reasoning and behavioral function.

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